Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Night Before the Night Before the Night Before Christmas

Dec. 22nd. 11:06 pm. Gifts bought? Check. Gifts wrapped? Ummm...half a check. Baked goodies baked? 3/4 of a check. Santa visit/picture successful? Not yet. House cleaned? HA!

It gets here so fast. It's no secret that a sick kid will bring havoc into the best laid plans...and this week has been no exception. Between the frenzy of Christmas plays/school parties/shopping (mostly on-line!) and Kailey being sick all week...well...I'm sort of where I didn't want to be. Exhausted with a to-do list still a mile long...but --

The kids were cute and crazy in their play at church. We've watched Charlie Brown and Home Alone (1&2) and the Grinch...we've eaten a ton of popcorn and sang Christmas carols nonstop...Kailey's learned to say 'Santa' and 'ho ho ho' (followed by exuberant applause)...Neil was awesome in the choir's Christmas service...and, after all is said and done, no matter how busy and tired and nuts this place is -- there is still that abiding truth beneath it all.

EMMANUEL. God is with us.

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