Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Players

"All the world is a stage..."
Here's mine.

A small southern town...oven-hot summer days...the scent of honeysuckle in the dusk...a new house with boxes still scattered about and pictures waiting to be placed...

The cast...(nicknames used in case anyone who actually knows me stumbles across this blog...:) )

Neil. Otherwise known as the Mr. to my Mrs. He fell into my world five years ago and everything changed. He is tall, tan, and has these brown eyes that still cause my stomach to tumble. He is music-driven and thrives in the center of attention...he makes me laugh and cry and sometimes I want to break bricks over his head. But I wouldn't trade him.

Little Sean. Our older son. Older meaning two. Two meaning independent and strong willed and messy and loving and loud...he's an entertainer. He sings, he dances, he makes you fall in love when you look into his eyes...He says cheese like he's been posing for paparazzi (aka grandmothers) all his life.

Christian...he is only seven months old, but believe me...he has the spirit to rule it all...he is dimpled and smiles like Christmas...he's learning all of those new tricks- crawling and pulling up and whatnot-...and he watches Sean to learn the sophisticated habits of toddlerhood. Elmo and pull-ups and such...

Other members of the world will be introduced as they come into play...