Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reason #8,987,346,219 Why Kids Are More Entertaining Than Houseplants

This goes right up to the top of the "Weird Things Accomplished By My Kids" list.

A foreign object was taken from Christian's nose this morning. It was one of these:

That's right. A small piece of liquid ice. Is it liquid? Is it ice? Who knows? The funny thing is, while I was getting him ready for bed last night, I kept thinking that he smelled minty and that he must have had some candy in his class at church.

Apparently, to Christian, it was more like a teensy tiny fun ball that needed to be stored in a very safe spot for a later playdate.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Just For Fun...

So far I love the month of March! Those last days of February were truly February-ish - all cold and white and gloomified. But with March came the sun! And sixty to seventy degree temperatures! It makes me happy. Being outside with the boys and inhaling that subtle scent in the air (slight, earthy, promises of budding trees) gets me in that flower-planting frame of mind, which it definitely isn't time for yet. But, all the same, I want to drive to the nearest store, buy new gardening gloves, and pretty up my depressed yard. I truly hope that in Heaven, in one facet or another, we'll still get the essence of the joy the whole winter to spring change brings...or maybe it'll just feel like that all the time, since Heaven is our eternal spring...maybe we'll always feel like jumping around and digging our toes into gold-dusty dirt....

And I found a fun, silly link through all of the quadrillion pregnancy emails I'm getting...Look Who's Prego! Since I'm getting rounder and rounder by the millisecond, I figured I'd give everyone else a chance to see how they'd look if they were pregnant, too....go on. You know you want to try it.

Lastly...this is a bit belated, but everyone should go check out Heather's fun question on her blog...she poses an interesting literary challenge. And I can totally agree with her pick!

Happy Monday, everyone!