Tuesday, December 08, 2009

O Christmas Tree

As of Friday, the Christmas tree is finally up. We did have a few roadblocks...it was leaning over at a precarious angle, branches kept snapping off, and half of the pre-lit tree wouldn't light, so there was much rearranging and adding of new lights...the star still doesn't work, but it'll stay where it is on top of the tree. Symbolism works just as well without a few bulbs, right? Sean and Christian were more excited than ever to help decorate, so the bottom half of the tree started out as interesting and becomes more Picasso-ish every day with Kailey's adjustments to the ornaments.
I love it when darkness falls outside and inside is full of twinkling, happy lights...there is no cozier feeling than sitting in a warm room with a Christmas tree.
It's one of those particular happy/achy feelings...because it reminds me of all the Christmases past with my family (and, as one song says, I miss them most at Christmas-time), fills me with hope and anticipation that this season will be magic for my kids (and the magic-making falls to Mommy--what a responsibility!), and...just a whoosh of peace that I wish could last forever. It's contentment I feel, with my kids snuggled on the couch (even when they're wrestling, as the boys always are) and the popcorn popping and their wild excitement when Daddy gets home from work...and I know these moments won't last forever. Which makes them even more precious.

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