Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Just a Theory


WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?? It has been dreary for several days now...and I'm in need of VITAMIN E, SKY CONTROLLER PEOPLE!!!!

Seriously, it has GOT to be a conspiracy. See if this makes sense to you...scientists have come up with a way to create rain by seeding they can probably do all sorts of weatherish things.

Say the economy needs a little shot of adrenaline...give a state a week of gloomy weather and watch the coffee sales soar! See people crowded at the movies! Pay-Per-View marathons will pepper the suburbs! Malls will have no empty parking spots because bad weather is depressing if it lasts for more than a day and people who are depressed have no choice but to resort to SHOPPING.

I'm sure of it. We are being manipulated by the very sky under which we live.


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Anonymous said...

"Shoping" It's a lot of fun!