Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Did you ever have a dream that keeps you off-kilter all day?
I awoke this morning from my dream with the worst knot in the pit of my stomach. I am a strange dreamer. Sometimes my dreams are very real and weird and frightening. Like this one.
This was my dream.
It was night. Raining. I was with the babies and my mom, hiding from these demon/angel beings...they eventually found me and informed me that everything would be destroyed if I didn't do...something. I never really clarified what I had to do with the whole saving the world thing. But I remember looking outside and there were these huge rising pools of water and I accepted my fate. I remember going with these beings and watching my mom get smaller and smaller in the distance as we traveled away. And I was just screaming names of my family, one by one, for her to tell them that I loved them...and to take care of my babies...and then I was in this hospital on an elevator, and I got out on the 42nd floor. There was a group of kids, reading stories. Because there was nothing else to do. And the water came through under the door...(it was green, which I assume comes from a Smallville marathon I had yesterday...kryptonite water???) and somehow I went through another door and into the nursery where all of these babies were...and I felt so helpless and scared, watching these innocent creatures and not understanding why they were in such danger.
And then I woke up.
The most horrible part was knowing that I wouldn't be reunited with my kids. And not knowing if they were safe. I could actually cry right now remembering that feeling.
I've dreamed this flooded world nightmare before. I can probably attribute them to the subject of my novel. It's about Noah's flood, and so I've envisioned the world destroyed in detail and written it down. It's constantly in my head. And then Katrina...images I'm sure have been cut into all of our minds.
So then I get to work and hear about a new hurricane that has strengthened to a category 4 and is heading towards Texas.


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