Wednesday, September 07, 2005

September Song

The start of September brings kind of an achy feeling...awareness that the last bit of the year is at hand, joy at the thought of upcoming holidays, senses that travel through time and bring back a portion of your childhood. September is blue-blue skies, relief from the summer heat with cooler breezes and chillier evenings, the last hurrah for green trees. It brings football games and long sleeved shirts, school buses and cookouts in the dusk...because these are the last long-lit days. Labor Day passes and with it goes the wearing of white shoes (according to my mother). The anniversary of 9-11 will forever bring a pause this month, a remembrance of the day that time stopped and we all were stunned with the harsh reality of our world. September is the beckoning of autumn, Earth taking a soul-satisfying sigh in the midst of changing seasons and events. Yes, September is lovely in all its bittersweet endings and beginnings. Breathe deeply this month.

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