Friday, September 23, 2005

Random Thoughts

Friday. 4:09 pm. I type on the laptop in a weary daze, yawning and rapidly blinking my eyes. I have given up caffeine- at least for the afternoon- and so struggle on through the hours.

I am thinking of the Narnia movie coming out on December 9th and how the Disney producers better do justice to C.S. Lewis' work. Start messing with favorite books from childhood and you're on sacred ground. But it looks great. it out.

I read a book borrowed from Carrie this week...Edna Ferber's Giant. So well written. So good. Put it on your must-read list.

I am currently reading The Element of Lavishness (letters of Sylvia Townsend Warner and William Maxwell.) Both novelists, they met through the New Yorker, for which William was Sylvia's editor. He describes her conversation as so enchanting that he never wanted to let her out of his sight.
Don't you think it would be incredible to be described as enchanting?
And he wasn't even speaking in the romantic sense of things...he meant her mind...her work. He was in love with her writing.

I am happy to go home to my boys tonight. I get a little starved for cuddles and giggles and shiny big eyes when I've been at work for these three days. I love walking through the door...Sean runs to me with a "Mooommm" and a hug and a tug at the hand ("'Cmon")....and Christian lights up like a 4th of July sky and grins...his little dimple shows up and his tiny teeth are so precious and he reaches out those little hands to's a wonderful thing to be loved by these amazingly handsome and sweet creatures...

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These are random thoughts, for real!!