Thursday, September 15, 2005

Daisies 'R Us

So last night I met a group of small people who instantly became a new highlight in my life. I decided to start helping out with one of our church girls' clubs...the 4 and 5 year olds. I dropped my boys off in their classses and enter...the Daisies.
The tiny things waltz in all shy because both the lead teacher and I are new to them...they're dressed in pastels, with adorable sparkly sandals and/or sneakers...curly headed...dimpled...demure and sweet.
And then these born and raised Southern angels opened their rosy mouths
I never stopped laughing the entire hour I was in the room.
Among the comments/actions...shouted at full volume and all performed with the thickest of accents...(all following 'i's are to be pronounced as the loooooong vowel 'i'. Practice. Niiiiiiiiiight. Briiiiiiiight. Liiiiiiike. Good job!)

"For Christmas, Santa has got to bring me a pink gun."
"I gots three cats, seventy chickens, three dogs, and three goats. The goats names are Yoda and Chewy."
"Can we make a mess? Pleeeeeeease I wanna wanna make a mess!!!!"
"My dog named Herod died." (Pouty lips.)
Catlyn- "I got me a boyfriend named Jordan. He's gots two girlfriends!"
At which I thought, wow. Jealousy must begin at some later age.
Marissa- "My boyfriend's name is Jordan, too!"
An interesting look passed between the two.
Catlyn- (Grin replaced by menacing stare.) "You can't have my boyfriend!
Ah, I thought. That's more like it.
"Hey, can I bring my goat to class and leave him here?"
Teacher Heather- "But if you leave him here, he won't have anyone to feed him or...take him to the bathroom."
All girls- EEEEEWWWWW and much giggling.
"Can we watch a horse fight? A cow fight? A HORSE-COW fight????"
The last comment, for some reason, caused all the girlies to fall out in the floor laughing and, inevitably, for a loud wave of gas to be passed, which led to shrieking which led to more laughter...and well, I'm sure you can imagine the rest.
All I know is that my Wednesday nights just went up a few notches in the category of entertaining.

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Felicity said...

My grandmother said that no matter how much I would like to have a girl, I will have boys, because I am a member of the Hall family and that is how the universe has dealt it. Very few girls. But I'm just not sure I could live without pink guns in my life.