Wednesday, August 15, 2007


How you know your new story idea isn't going to lift off the ground :

You fall asleep on your keyboard while drumming up scenes (literally, keyboard imprints on face and legs numb from awkward crossed position). Yes, that's right. Your own brain children (ie, characters) bore you into unconscious slumber.

That, my friends, is an undeniable sign.


Amy Jane said...

The other way is when you're reading back through it you continually have to fight the urge to skip ahead to "the interesting part."

That was totally me reading my NaNo piece the first time through.

Not the most ego- (or faith-) building moment...

Anonymous said...

You can take the most minute (not 60 seconds)thing and write so beautifully about it. Take's in there...regroup...pray...and pick up the pen (laptop) and do it again!
You have made me laugh, cry and miss you so much just reading this space. So you have it and I have faith in you.
Love you so much.

Luisa Perkins said...

Oh, no! ;)

It still might catch fire. Don't give up yet!