Sunday, March 04, 2007

Calling Mike Rowe

I'm playing nursemaid. Neil and Sean have both contracted some combination of fever/aches/upset stomach...what is better, on a Saturday night, then scrubbing up macaroni-laced vomit?
You know that show Dirty Jobs on the Discovery channel? They should send Mike Rowe into the life of a mom with toddlers still unable to take care of most of their personal business by themselves - icky on a regular basis, but during a stomach virus?
DEFINITELY Dirty Jobs material.

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Amy Jane said...

I haven't seen the show, and while *I* think you idea sounds brilliant, I can think of two pitfalls:

1) not many people would subject themselves to looking their worst on Nat'l tv w/o some sort of prize to motivate (Of course, I could be wrong).

2) I bet this job (the sickies) would come out as too gross, even for Dirty Job viewers.