Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - What I love about Snow

Thirteen Things I Love About Snow...because we got an unexpected downfall this morning!

1. The way it makes everything quiet and white - there's a dream-like quality to a day with snow falling from the sky.

2. The crunch it makes under my feet.

3. The sound of neighborhood kids out playing and squealing - because they're home from school in the middle of the week and there are snowballs to throw!

4. I absolutely adore the frenzy it causes - here in the south, half an inch of snow and all of the schools are closed, there's not a loaf of bread left in the grocery store, and regularly scheduled television is preempted by a 5 hour long winter weather watch hosted by the local news station.

5. The way my boys look bundled up in layers and coats and hats and gloves...and the way their noses and cheeks turn pink.

6. I love that while we were out playing this morning, Sean said - "It's like Bob the Builder Christmas!"

7. It's such a pretty frosting on the trees and the porch and the street - it feels like a holiday with everything decorated by nature.

8. It's so fun to teach toddlers how to make snowballs - and especially how to throw them. The boys thought it was hilarious.

9. It's also fun that children can be so different - Sean was all about his "snow hat and snow gloves" and Christian was much more about - hey, lets throw all this stuff off and feel how good this stuff is on bare skin!

10. Sticking out my tongue and letting the snow fall onto it - and watching the boys scrunch up their faces and do the same, not quite sure what to do about the flakes flying at them.

11. Discovering what the snow-activities of choice are - Sean liked drawing pictures on the ground and Christian seemed to enjoy the 'take your gloves off and run from mom' game.

12. The simple joy of walking through a flurry, snow collecting on my jacket and hat, and watching the boys watch the flakes like it was the most amazing thing EVER.

13. The cozy feeling when I come inside - the warmth and the coffee, peeling off layers and being lazy - because it's a snow day and in North Carolina, snow days are all about rushing out to play and then cuddling up on the couch.

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BeckyD said...

So glad you got snow, and enjoy it. I have had my fill of it. Every time I've had plans to see my boyfriend,(he lives 2 hours away) it has snowed, and last night was no exception. I hate snow. It has kept me away from my man too long. LOL

My TT is up!

InterstellarLass said...

We got our snow a couple of weeks ago. Same thing happens in TX. We get a tiny bit and the whole place shuts down. Hilarous.

Happy Thursday

Trina said...

I love the snow and it's on it's way to Delaware (finally) Enjoy it while it lasts!
Happy TT!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I like snow--until I have to drive in it! Or until the monsters have an EIGHTH snow day for the year. *grumbles* Happy TT!

Rene said...

We don't get snow at our house, but we can drive up to the mountains and be in snow in 20 mins. We've taken our kids a couple of times. They never last more than an hour. Too cold for them.

Happy TT!