Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Perks of Writer's Block

I'm experiencing mega-frustration with my current work-in-progress, and so I'm suffering irritation and working it out through procrastination. Not the ideal way to make a breakthrough, but for now it's all I can seem to do.
The silver lining? Once I've managed to clean the entire house and actually annoy my children with my 'hey, let's play this/color this/paint this/watch this'...I'm left looking for creative ways to expel some creative energy.
This afternoon, this resulted in a fantastic idea - Lite-Brite! I still have the one left over from childhood days, but I haven't actually played with it in about ten out it came. I made a masterpiece lighthouse out of pegs and a light bulb - and let me tell you, it is still fun. It's currently sitting on my kitchen counter. I'm thinking I should just leave it there and call it art.
For those of you who don't have a Lite-Brite just sitting in a random closet, you can click on the following link and procrastinate to circa-1970 technology!
And now...I wonder if I can manage to find my Easy-Bake Oven...

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Amy Jane said...


Found you though the "random" button in the CWO blogring.

I couldn't see anywhere what you're novel's about. Are you sharing that?

I did NaNo for the first time last year and have since been trying to bring myself through to the next stage. It's been a slow slog, since it's hard for me to work in little bites at this early of a stage.

(And hard to work in anything but little bytes w/ 3 small kids ;-))

Where are you at in your process?