Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crossing New Bridges

One of the most entertaining parts of being a mom is watching your kids develop new skills - those precious first wobbly steps, the surprise of peek-a-boo, the first time you hear a "mama" or even the first "For my birthday, I want a red Power Ranger helmet." (That one was courtesy of Sean a couple of nights ago.)
We have had another first.
This morning, Christian achieved a stage that most kids go through, one time or another.
That's right, folks. He stuck something up into his nose.
It was shortly after breakfast, for which he had a bowl of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cereal - a fruity, pebble shaped (yummy) new cereal.
I was walking through the living room where he had been playing with his drum and a harmonica. He had stopped playing, though, and was lying in the floor crying. I went to pick him up and noticed that he had his finger stuck up his nose. Not a common posture for him. He didn't stop crying when I picked him up, which was kind of odd, too - I moved his finger and there it was. A bright yellow piece of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cereal lodged in his left nostril.
He was not happy about it. It took a good ten minutes for me to restrain him enough to actually remove it. Probably most of the effort was going into my own attempt to act horrified about it - it's really not a safe habit, but it was soooo hard not to laugh at his nostril-stuffed expression. It was one of those the fun thing betrayed me! looks...
This, of course, made me remember the time that my youngest sister, Hannah, kept pulling at her nose when she was maybe two or three. Every now and then, we'd catch a glimpse of something shiny in there, but Mom and Dad couldn't manage to get a hold of whatever it was. Finally, they took her to the doctor and he pulled out a huge silver button. No idea how that huge thing got wedged in her baby nose.
I can't actually remember ever sticking anything into my own nose...I wonder what the appeal is...of course, I have my own stupid human trick that I discovered on the back seat of the bus in second grade during a game of mercy - I can bend one of my fingers all the way backwards until it touches the back of my hand.
Your turn. 'Fess up. What's your stupid human/strange childhood habit?


Lola said...

I'm sure I must have something but can't really think of it now. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your writing.

Eva said...

My 2 year old daughter once stuck several pieces of unpopped popcorn into her nose. (click for full, icky story) It was one of those "I can't believe I'm doing this" moments while I was getting them out.

Anonymous said...

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