Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - random facts about me

Thirteen Things about Christie

1. One of my biggest flaws is procrastination.

2. I love chocolate covered strawberries. So. Much.

3. The last song I downloaded was Rainy Days and Mondays by the Carpenters.

4. The last show I watched on TV was Veronica Mars on Tuesday night.

5. I'm currently (re)reading an anthology of short stories from Iowa's Writing Workshop.

6. I wish it would snow a couple of feet, so that my kids could experience snowmen.

7. Since becoming a work-at-home mom, I have definitely solidified my addiction to a daily cup of coffee.

8. I have also solidified my addiction to using the Spray Anywhere by Clorox. It makes me feel like germs have limited chance of survival in my house.

9. I don't mind washing/drying clothes...or's getting them actually put away that drives me nuts.

10. I have terrible luck with pets - every pet I have ever had has tragically there's a stray cat that has been living on my porch for months and months. I feed her, pet her, but I refuse to get attached. I call her Cat. I figure there are worse things than being neutrally named after the kitty in an Audrey Hepburn movie. Such as death, which I just feel sure would follow any sign on my part that I like her. So Cat she is and Cat she will remain. Besides, I once tried to tell Sean that her name was Scarlett O'Hara (because of her green eyes), he angrily corrected me. "No! That's Cat!" Why argue?

11. I like playing with Christian's trains probably just as much as he does.

12. I am a loyal Carolina Tarheel gal. We have an awesome team this year and I'm saying it right here, right now - we're headed for the championship.

13. I took piano lessons for years and years...I'm not that great, but I hope to teach the boys to play. Until next Thursday...

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Christina said...

I'm a big procrastinator myself! I can't seem to escape it. I'm with you on the laundry. I'm OK with washing, drying, even ironing, but I HATE HATE HATE putting it away. Strange...

Happy Thursday!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I'm going to find some of that Clorox!! Your kids are adorable. Happy TT! Joely

Mert said...

Wonderful list! I am a chocoholic, so anything that has chocolate is an added bonus, LOL! I also procrastinate. I think it's cool that you know your limitations with pets, LOL . I also want to have my girls learn an instrument. My 5 yr old has already stated to complain that learning the piano will be hard. Happy TT!

tiggerprr said...

Great list!! :) I too love chocolate covered strawberries. Have you seen the ones at Godiva that are like a strawberry/banana shiskabob covered in Godiva Chocolate? If you ever do, get one, it's so worth it. YUM!

Jen said...

I love VM. Logan needs to get his head on straight though!!!

Raggedy said...

yummy on chockie strawberries.
I love snow
I am so sorry you lost so many pets. I hope Cat hangs in there.
Go Tarheels!
My son plays piano.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I, too, tragically am a procrastinator. But I make up for it by being enthusiastic about it lol. I am a Carolina gal too. I took piano lessions as a child and got tired of it, but it made being in band easier because I had already learned the basics of reading music. My TT is on my 13 fav tv shows.