Friday, December 23, 2005


It's about the cold, crisp air and an endless array of particularly shiny's the twinkling of lights and the smell of gingerbread...the feel of a warm mug of cocoa in your hands and the firelight reflecting on the faces of those you love...the sound of sacred notes ringing out the Carol of the Bells...the scent of Scotch-tape and the crackle of colorful paper being wrapped around gifts...the anticipation of watching your family and friends discover the present you picked out...the movies aimed directly at warming your heart...the cards that share sentiments not expressed enough throughout the's the kind words and's children writing notes to Santa and leaving out a plate of's Charlie's ornaments and's a tree covered with memories and children tingling with the mystery of it's time earmarked for loving others.

But most of all, and most importantly - it's about a night that bridged the earth to Heaven. It's about a loving King seeing his people in need and deciding to take action. He wrapped himself up in the form of an innocent, vulnerable baby and entered our realm to live among this most sacred of days is about a love - the love of Christ - that transcends our imagination and sacrifices everything just to win our hearts.

Thanks, Jesus, for the gift of You.

Merry Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Aman!!! Preach it sister!! Don't stop now preach it!!!